Could the news please stop telling everyone to not touch their faces?

It's a useless recommendation unless we all start wearing helmets.


Sure, but the human that doesn't touch their face once per minute has yet to be invented.

@fribbledom I can't restrain myself from touching my face for many reasons

@fribbledom Daft Punk must be feeling justified.

And ancient.

Oh, no, that's the KLF ...

@fribbledom You mean like the person reading the warning transcript about COVID-19 precautions who licked her finger to turn the pages on national television?

The UK advice is basically, 'start washing your hands from time to time!'

@fribbledom Yes, but the implication that people don't wash their hands (backed up by a lot of observational data) is made all the more disturbing!

@fribbledom Inadvertent result of this would be for the news to tell everyone to start wearing helmets. As a cyclist, I'm already used to this!

@fribbledom Oh come on. It's not that hard to not touch your own face I mean― *scratches chin* —I don't even remember when I last touched my own face.

@fribbledom It's not binary thing. Simply reducing the amount of times you touch your face is already gonna reduce your chances of infection. Perfect is the enemy of good here.

@fribbledom the coverage has made me realise i touch my face all the time and now my face is freakin itchy because i'm thinking about it and aaargh

@fribbledom imo it's a good way to make ppl aware how most viruses can be transfered. it is important that ppl are conscious

@fribbledom What about touching my nuts? I adjust myself about 50 times a day

@fribbledom It isn't useless. Even a small decrease in face touching can slow the spread of COVID19.

@fribbledom What I'm trying to do is not touch my face *if I didn't wash my hands before*. It's easier to not touch your face when you're in public transports and wait until you can wash your hands than not touch it at all, ever.

And it's all a matter of probabilities. Any reduction helps. The goal is to reduce the probability of getting infected, not just for you but also to decrease the factor in the exponential growth within the population.

@fribbledom It's not useless. You can't STOP people, but awareness will tend to reduce the behavior. And prompt people to implement helps; eg several people I know are wearing a face guard (gaiter or the like) so that face touches are less risky.

"It doesn't solve the problem" is not the same as "has no utility"

As someone who frequently handles fresh copped chili I'm getting (a little) better at not touching my face and other body parts.

In a lot of parts of the world (not the UK where I am) I guess touching your face is a pretty important part of non-verbal comunication. Must be tough.

@fribbledom my friend has started wearing gloves recently because he was trained from years of post-graduate physics work to NEVER touch his face in a lab.

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