The best thing about Corona?

We’re finally finding out which meetings could have been emails instead... 😂

@fribbledom Corona will significantly change the world forever.
Now they will have to bribe us to meetings with free doughnuts

@fribbledom Oh I thought you were going to say it is so drinkable. That's why I like it anyway :-P

@fribbledom the sharp drop in business flights is also awesome.

@fribbledom maybe it'll do something about the top heavy population pyramid too...

@fribbledom you say that but some departments may just replace physical meetings with web conferences instead

And that might take up even more time, factoring in extra setup time + technical hiccups

@fribbledom i'm finding out what "onsite" meetings could have all been handled with ZOOM and a Webcam or maybe even just a phone call instead of traveling

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