The first sentence in every video-conference:

"Can you hear me alright? ... HELLO!?"

@fribbledom And the second sentence is always "I can't see you."

@fribbledom Followed by "Let me know when you can see my screen."


It's silly, but whenever I skip this formality it turns out that somebody can in fact not hear me or see what I'm trying to show ...

Any proper videoconferencing thing should have an indicator for these things. Each client lets the host know if they're receiving sound/images and presenting them to their user, and the result is shown to the presenter, unobtrusively, when people connect and whenever they start transmitting their screen contents or slides.

@fribbledom With conference calls we're at:„ Could you please answer, Jens. ... Jens? You are still muted.“


If I’d receive 1€ whenever a caller in a phone-in talk show forgot to mute the TV (and thus caused an annoying feedback) I would probably be a billionaire.

@fribbledom Sounds about right. My voice chats begin similarly. Can you see me ok? lol.

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