This is my yearly Arch Wiki appreciation post. What an incredible source of information ❤️

Sometimes I think of #nixos as "#arch, but repeatable". Their wiki has helped me out so many times

@fribbledom ditto from me. Thank you all the contributors.

@fribbledom So many times I've Internet searched a non-Arch Linux problem and ended up on the Arch Wiki, usually getting my answer.

Every arch wiki page should end with:
This is the way

@fribbledom Hmmm it used to be far better in the past.

When I needed to find out some weird error with my sound card or applications like emulators, I'd go to the AW and it'd have the error messages I needed to track the issue.

Nowadays if I need to find something all it says is "use systemd-somethingd" which ofc is useless most of the time, even more if you don't have systemd.

It used to have the know-how to *solve* issues. Not anymore.

@fribbledom I've never even used Arch but I've sorted a variety of problems by reading articles in the wiki. Great resource!

@fribbledom hands down it is easily the best linux wiki. Even if you don't use an Arch based distro you can find a ton of help and informatiin there.

@arkedos @fribbledom yes, all distros should emulate Arch's documentation. In the way it's organized, written and the shear page volume. It could still use more subjects/pages and more thorough info sometimes, but Arch is all volunteer, and look what they have done. Do other distros not realize that this is a big part of Arch's growth? Just imagine if the bigger/corp backed distros worked harder on their docs. I don't like having to ask questions. I want to read and fix my own problems without bothering people or having to wait.

@fribbledom reading it regularly for all my slackware needs :)

@fribbledom I have never tried arch, but am seriously tempted to whenever I stumble upon their wiki

@garethlagerwall @fribbledom depending on your needs, Arch can be hard to beat.
Even though I really appreciate the Arch wiki, I still miss the days when we used to say this about the Gentoo wiki, before the Arch wiki even existed.

@fribbledom i dont run arch but that wiki has saved my sorry arse so many times.

it just actually spells out all the details, all the options, all the possible variations, until you just have to find something that moves (yr brain or) yr pc forward.

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