Just discovered Re-Volt GL, a cross-platform rewrite / port of Re-Volt. Runs beautifully with 60FPS on 4k, on my lousy iGPU.

Wasted so many glorious hours with this game in the summer of '99 😆

@fribbledom that's totally what I mean. I'll have to check that out. I love racing games.


Then you may just love it! It's a bit like MarioKart with RC cars!

@fribbledom I've been reliving my 90s time waster Road Rash by playing a game called Road Redemption. It's a steam game but I'm willing to meet game makers half way when it comes to Linux games 8-) This looks fun.

@fribbledom Damnit, now I want to play Micro Machines again! 🤪

@fribbledom oh SHIT, I have this on the Dreamcast! It's a quirky but awesome little game, nice to see it rewritten! :blobcatbreadpeek:
@fribbledom what the hell it works with Weston with XWayland disabled???

@fribbledom Points to them for actually providing a proper installer for Linux. :blobsurprised:

@fribbledom I would like to add that this runs a a hundredfold better than Turok EX on my laptop. :blobnervous2:

@fribbledom Damn - I spent a *lot* of time playing the PC version of Re-Volt back in the day. Despite the twitchyness of the controls on the faster cars, the handling always felt spot-on.

Time to check this out. :-)

@fribbledom ohhhh no way you posted that. Haven't heard of it...yet. Damn, more hours to burn. Well, maybe at least something to do on

@fribbledom Looks really interesting! I'll be bookmarking this for later. Thanks for the head up.

@fribbledom well "thank you", this will cost me the whole weekend :blobsweat:

@fribbledom It was a fun-spirited game as I recall. Frustrating when you spun out or missed a ramp though, lol.

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