Trump: "1,700 Google engineers are working on a Corona virus site."

Google: "Uuuhm, actually: no!"

Trump: "It’s going to be very quickly done, unlike websites of the past!"

Google; "Seriously, we're not..."

Trump: "They have made tremendous progress!"

Google: "WTF, NO!"

@fribbledom Also, I'm perplexed by the whole notion of "you can register and log in and it will ask questions and tell you if you need to be tested" is something requiring massive effort to implement. Isn't that just "read this flowchart?"

If you just showed people a flowchart, it'd be way more difficult to make sure you have all their personal details and circumstances right, you wouldn't know whether or how they might be affected, and you could not link them to their user profile on other services -- pretty useless site that would be.


@MikeG1 @fribbledom
ahh see, somewhere down the line "read this flowchart" becomes "have a black box with the words Deep Learning AI written on it tell you the answer".

How are you going to accomplish total world domination with a flowchart?

@fribbledom It really looks like the entire press conference, except the Declaration of Emergency, was an exercise in stock market manipulation.

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