If you want to know exactly how spoiled and privileged we are, just look at all the people who are now complaining how bored they are, having to sit on their couch watching TV for a couple of days - even if it helps fighting a pandemic outbreak and saves lives.

Yeah! All those lazy bastards should be digging ditches and raods, and coal mines!

@fribbledom been great here. Some downtime with the family. Fire up the grill slam a couple of Corona's (beer mfg got fucked here) and just relax.

@fribbledom hey if they're complaining, then they're home watching TV being bored instead of out running around. Complain away! :)

@fribbledom and that in a society where pretty much everybody is complaining about their backlog of shows to watch, games to play, etc.

like, i get that having to stay put is easier for some than for others (and that it’s harder to get a tapetenwechsel while self-distancing in packed cities than here in the woods), and i get that the moment you’re told you shouldn’t go among people, you suddenly want nothing more than lounge in a cafe to people-watch, but jfc, the tantrums people are throwing.

meanwhile, good bean naomi wu arrived back home in shenzhen from thailand and first thing released a video about her 2 weeks of home quarantine not being a big deal, urging everyone to listen to scientists, to work together, and that she’s planning to make a lot of videos in her 2 weeks so other people staying home have some extra entertainment.

@fribbledom Sure, but there’s also the issue for many of lost revenue/income, the fear of not being able to pay rent, and so on.

But it think you’re right: it’s generally the most privileged among us that have less to worry about that complain the loudest.


I agree, but these people probably aren't the ones complaining how _boring_ it is.

@fribbledom Agreed!

(This is one thing the privilege of nerd-dom has prepared me well for!)

@fribbledom very well put, that's the Mastodon opensource community for you, seeing what's actually going on

I live in rural Catalunya. Spain is on complete lockdown. My entire income has completely evaporated for the forseeable future. Stop moaning.

@fribbledom These are people who really could be spending their time learning cartography and helping me get OpenStreetMap up to date if they're that board.

@fribbledom People who are complaining about sporting events being cancelled vs people who needed the money from working the sporting events to feed their families.

@fribbledom i can't wait to get to that phase! i'm so jealous

i have a few more days of fretting aimlessly about whether my partner will make it out of london, so it's more like "staring at a screen unable to concentrate on anything"

They might be the same peolpe that complain about their jobs 😜. Those who complain, they do it for everything 😉.

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