Working in the office: lots of distractions, constant meetings, phones ringing, mouse-clicking and keyboard punching, restricted internet connection, DELL PC with the cheapest peripherals, expensive food options within a 10 minute walk.

Working from home: comfortable chair, calm environment, more screen real estate, better keyboard/mouse, decent PC, gigabit internet connection, a fridge full of things I like.

@fribbledom I'm not very comfortable sharing the following memepic to 'public' since it contains faces (and not mine, at that), but still though:

Please don't forget people who are out of work and don't even have this choice.


Sure, and there are even more working people who don't have the option to work from home, either. But I'm not trying to rub this into anyone's face, either. It's simply long overdue that it's considered an acceptable form of work in those professions where it already is an option.

I lost my job on Friday.

I'd give anything to have either option right now.

@1Spider_Man @fribbledom @IronMan2020 I am so sorry to hear that you lost your job. I will be praying for you to get a new one soon.

@Thunderbirds511 @1Spider_Man @fribbledom @IronMan2020
Thank you, Thunderbird.

The person behind Peter’s account has me and that helps, too.

Thank you.

My industry is at a standstill until who knows when.

Thanks, Thunderbird.
@fribbledom @IronMan2020


Sorry to hear that! I wish you nothing but the best, and hope you have friends and family backing you up!


And those whose work disappears, as does their income.

@fribbledom My home is literally full of things I'd rather be doing than work; it's arguably **vastly** more distracting to me than my office is.


Those are distractions I can usually control, though. I guess it takes some self-discipline. In the office I have no control over ringing phones, people shouting and laughing etc.

In my case: somewhat slow remote desktop, tons of e-mails instead of short phone calls, and way too many distractions.

But saving 2 hours a day by not commuting kinda makes up for that.

And boy, did we ever need a decent IM -- but nobody wants to use the shitty Microsoft thingie. I'm counting the days until they give in :(

Your employer won't even give you decent peripherals? Smh

@fribbledom Work: the kitchen is cleaned twice a day, the rest room and office once a day, the fridge is stocked up regularly. Up-to-date hardware. Colleagues next door.
Home: constant distraction from things that need to be done after work (Taxes, cleaning, shopping, cooking) or are more fun than work (books, music, bed). Consumer hardware. Need to use shitty video-conferencing tools. => I am missing my office

@fribbledom this is a first for me. I'm not counting the 2 days where I stayed home to help my dad who was ill a few years ago. I will need to go shopping for a decent chair and a monitor. My work laptop screen isn't great for any length of time but today it's all I have. Having it raised up to eye level will help, as will the external keyboard and mouse.

My wife is also home now for at least 2 weeks. We have a home office but with us both in there all day, who knows...

@fribbledom Thats partly why I ditched the office years ago. It really isn't a healthy environment.

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