Any recommendations for fun multiplayer games you can play in the browser?

Ideally family-friendly, for kids and grandparents alike!

@chillallmen @fribbledom you should be able to make your own list of questions as well I think? If the standard JB questions are too risqué

@fribbledom I played a pictionary-style thing with my old colleagues over a virtual AW this friday: I think this was it:

@fribbledom I saw there was a racing game by google that works by linking phones/tablets together that was really cool. I couldn't get it to work though.

@yabirgb @fribbledom although they are a little overloaded, it seems to me... apparently many people playing there now, and I get it. It's a really nice game!

Manyland was nice but I haven't played it for a while

@fribbledom Not browser based, but overcooked 2 is awesome for kids and grandparents. =-)
Works quite well using "Remote play together", but requires a steam account for everyone...


Ever tried twinoid's MUSH ?
Not for young kids though.

@fribbledom geo guessr can be fun, if you find the right kind of set.

@fribbledom browser pong is somehow fun altow technically you do not play it in the browser but somehow around the browser and I am not sure if it is still working with modern browsers because of security concerns.

@fribbledom, in the family but more fun imo

Would've said but it's not necessarily family friendly... I usually play miniclip games like 8 ball pool or such when I'm limited to a browser, but they're usually quite heavy on low powered computers (I.e. Chromebooks)

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