When entire countries are running out of COVID-19 tests, but you can apparently simply order some on Alibaba:

Now with customized logo (min. order: 50000 pieces)! 😂

Note: I have no idea if these tests are legit, and I wouldn't recommend ordering them even if they were. I'm merely posting this because I find it rather odd and curious.

well ackthually 

well ackthually well I guess there's some utility in those if you self-quarantine and want to know when you had it after the fact.

Maybe these will sell like hotcakes in a few weeks or months for that purpose.

@nick @fribbledom If you know for a fact you've had it and are now immune it means you can't be a carrier. Which is really important for people in health care because those with immunity can help people with covid-19 without worry.
Also they're less likely to infect people in risk groups, as long as they take care of contact hygiene of course.


@fribbledom Cheap way to make accurate test kits:

Ship a vial with a sample of COVID-19, and a paper with your test result. Instructions are: Drink vial, read test result paper.

@fribbledom I find it rather cold and cut-throat. I have grave doubts about the validity of the tests.


> good article about covid:

> it seems covid testing is really effective

> was the south corean tactic, and reduced the cases from a thousand to less than hundred in short time by testing and isolating positive cases

> nothing about locking down the population and putting military on the streets

> “At this point 100% of nations that got it under control did so based on testing and tracing, isolation, quarantining,”

> I'd recommend getting and distributing test kits

@fribbledom that's the antibody test which only works after someone has developed antibodies, the test everyone's using tests for the virus itself

@noiob @fribbledom ^ This
This is an IgG / IgM test.

IgM is produced when your body is learning a new infection.
IgG is produce when your body sees an infection it fought before.

IgM will be higher if you have covid-19, this years flu, last years flu if you didn't get it last year, or step on a rusty nail if you've never done that before.

It can't tell which (thou the nail should be obvious)

@fribbledom Would be awesome to order a batch with the corona and extra logo on them 😬

@fribbledom if covid-19 can be tested with SATA cables then this would be legit

@fribbledom This would make great swag for my company to hand out at conferences!
(Real talk, we've cancelled all conference attendance, in-person interviews, etc.)

@fribbledom Those are antibody tests. You can do them at home, but they're not yet approved by the FDA for use in the US yet. They don't test if you have it but haven't started producing antibodies yet, so they lag a tiny bit behind the lab tests that the US is using. Of course, it's alibaba so it could be counterfeit as well.

@fribbledom Would be less suspicious if the interpretation-key would fit the depicted product.

@fribbledom I kinda feel that is like the Coyote ordering something from Acme.

@fribbledom I'm not sure why "Someone heard something was rare and in demand and used that information to create a fake listing," would be odd. It's exactly what people creating fake listings have always done -- that's why there are so many listings on sites that accept third-party retailer listings for $popular_toy_of_the_season right around Christmas.

@fribbledom Reminds me of the chinese-made flash drives that were sold a while ago. It was simply a smaller capacity chip that was set up to overwrite itself so you wouldn't get errors, but your files were trashed.
I wouldn't trust Chinese "ingenuity" on that score. Their markets are rife with counterfeits and some dangerously so.

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