"I shook hands with corona virus patients. I shook hands with everybody. I will go on shaking hands with everybody."

-- Boris Johnson, who has just been tested positive for corona virus


@fribbledom Turns out being an arrogant prick with weird hair does not make one immune. I wonder if Donald gets it too...
@fribbledom Somehow a Darwin prize seems not enough. Perhaps a "the invisible hand has swatted you" sticker?

@fribbledom The PM has a whole lot of people around him to check that he is safe. The fact that he still got infected proves that the virus is highly contagious.

@InternetKevin @fribbledom They way they would have kept him safe would have been to teach him social distancing, and he announced that he was immune to such teaching.

@InternetKevin @fribbledom I think it's more of the case that it's sounds like something he might have said. I don't see any link. If he hadn't said it someone would have made up the quotation and put it on SM

@clacke If he meant he washed his hands for 20 secs after each handshake then it might be ok. And if the patients washed their hands regularly. I don't know enough about the science to say how dangerous it is to shake people's hands if you continually wash hands and have the rooms cleaned with disinfectants. In India doctors and nurses are now being kicked out of their homes because people believe they will infect them. Stick to the science yes. Do you remember how @InternetKevin @fribbledom

@clacke Do you remember how AIDS whom we term PL HIV+ people were treated when that virus was first detected. He is a buffoon. And he was slow to react but it was quoted out of context yes. He said wash your hands then greet people in a mutually respectful way. Unless you are reading something else here. But in general he is a buffoon and not someone who should be running the UK at any time least of all now. @InternetKevin @fribbledom

@DesCoutinho @InternetKevin @fribbledom He said he shakes hands all the time and it's fine as long as you wash your hands ... and then he came down with covid-19. That's the context.

Anecdotal, but a highly symbolic and a powerful narrative.

HIV and Covid-19 are very different. Before modern antiretrovirals existed, the CFR for AIDS was over 25%. Before the disease had been properly understood the CFR was over 80%.

@clacke @DesCoutinho @fribbledom moral of the story is listen to the medical experts, not blithering politicians

@InternetKevin Do you know why politicians never take the advice of experts in any field. It's because the people would never accept it. We choose our leaders by popular vote. We appoint experts medical and others after many years of advanced study and clinical experience after they have passed exams and have risen in the respect of other scholars in their field. @clacke @fribbledom

@clacke He is a tosser I'll give you that. But I can read as well as as you if not better. That's not what I read int the source you kindly provided. In science we call it the confirmation bias yes. @InternetKevin @fribbledom

@clacke I wonder how old you are. Ignorance and prejudice seem to have increased with google search. I've heard people giving out for all sorts of strange ways that the virus might spread and all sorts of strange cures. We no longer use the terms AIDS yes. Anyway we neither of us like Boris over here in India prejudice and ignorance kills too because Indians are on the whole more violent and lawless and that's just the police. @InternetKevin @fribbledom

@clacke Also anyone who thinks he can be arrested for deliberately trying to infect others does not understand how the law works where there is a rule of law. @InternetKevin @fribbledom

@DesCoutinho @InternetKevin @fribbledom I don't know UK law, but in Sweden knowingly infecting a person counts as a form of assault or aggravated assault.

I don't see how that contradicts rule of law.

@clacke Swedes are a thing now Assange wouldn't have got an arrest warrant on English law. But under the law of NI which has its own jurisdiction a man who knew he was infected with corona virus deliberately coughed on two PSI officers while they tried to arrest him on another charge and he was charged with the offence also of attempting to infect them. Knowingly and ignorance also have different meanings under UK law. Seems a bit harsh in Sweden if shaking hands is @InternetKevin @fribbledom

@clacke If shaking hands is now considered a criminal offence but Swedes for you. European law would still hold till December by the by but I don't believe you understand Swedish law either in the sense that you're not a lawyer judge police officer yes. Based on the facts as presented I don't see how a reasonable person could construe that an actionable criminal offence had been planned and committed. But if it is I am happy to shake hands with any corona patient who @InternetKevin @fribbledom

covid-19, Johnson 

@fribbledom I wonder if the top medical advisors in the UK and US governments chat and commiserate with each other over their respective fools in charge..

covid-19, Johnson 


I bet they do! I certainly know programmers from competing companies are 😂

covid-19, Johnson 

@porsupah @fribbledom I'm almost certain they do! Government foolishness is certainly a common complaint in physics.

@fribbledom It'd be hilarious if not for the fact that with shaking hands he's probably infected other people that way.. :(

@fribbledom In times of Assange one can clearly no longer speak of a legal system in GB. But, in fact, Jonson's testimony should lead to his arrest now. To deliberately endanger other people with the infection of a potentially fatal disease is a crime, isn't it?

@ubo Mens rea would be difficult and actus reus too. All you got is a quotation on SM. UK aint India but if you had evidence of what you claim you can arrest a PM they don't got immunity it ain't India. @fribbledom

I always kind of wondered if he was Donald Trump's long lost relative or something :D

@fribbledom You know, I think our politicians and celebrities are really doing us a favor here... they scoff at the infection, then they get the infection, and they act as an example of how easily it's transmitted.

@CarlCravens @fribbledom Except they're all gonna get priority medical care and everybody will go "see, they were fine!"

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