Marbula One - the marble race

This is strangely entertaining and exciting to watch 😂

@fribbledom I've been enjoying the content on that channel for some time. It's amazing!

@fribbledom Am I a hipster if I claim I was into marble racing before all other sport was cancelle?

@fribbledom If you like Marbula One, you might also like the Diecast Racing League.

@fribbledom ive been watching this channel for a couple of years now ^-^ go team midnight wisps!

@fribbledom discovered this at the start of the lock down and seriously it's good! Like, I kinda understand the appeal of sports a little better, a good announcer allows you to disconnect from the stress of the day and just cheer on some random thing and it's beautiful.

@fribbledom Absolutely mindblowing! I wonder if the presenter is a marble as well 🤔

@fribbledom Oh gods, that was some race! I rooted for a color, was #1 for a while, got overtaken, but then it struck back! YAYYY! (Color of the Dutchies :D)
The subs were good too, yay! Where do you find those marbles^Wgems like this?! 😂

@fribbledom It is glorious :D our new year's day watching this year was the Marblelympics. The full thing. Many hours of the chillaxiest but also super engaging nonsense, it is just... such a good thing :D

@fribbledom That marble channel (I'm pretty sure it's theirs) has so many amazing things, like the marble olympics.

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