Just finished printing one of the worst rolls of filament I've ever used. So happy it's gone and yet fulfilling an important job:

A whole load of "door openers", a little device which helps you to open/close doors without touching the door handle itself. Will hand them out to family, friends and neighbors.

You can print some, too! They're really rather - uhm - handy:

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Same here. Bad thing is that I bought 3 spools...


I'm not sure, but I bet the answer has something to do with duct-tape.

...just one more reason not to like those knobs. The place I work at has some of them, with a key lock in the center. You need to turn the key simultaneously as turning the knob and pushing the door. 2 free hands needed, and some grip strength because they're also old and put up some resistance, while being really smooth on the outside ... who came up with this, and why are they still a thing?


@fribbledom what's the filament anti-recommendation? Which brand did you use (and will never use again)?


Gucoco PLA. It may have been a faulty batch, but that stuff was spongy right from the start.

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