Any reasonably scaled Lego model is more expensive than the original it is trying to imitate.

@fribbledom what's a reasonable scale for the death star that makes the lego death star more expensive

@monorail @fribbledom
How about H0 scale, 1:87? A 1839-meter sphere of Lego might well cost a trillion galactic credits.

@fribbledom I have a feeling a full size ISS would be cheaper in Lego.

@fribbledom original scale of another Lego kit? Because I'm pretty sure my Bagger 288 is way cheaper than an actual Bagger 288.

Or are we talk scaling up from Lego to actual size as a cost per m2?

Not true. Especially not true for anything space flight related, but I checked a few and it never really pans out that way. A Fiat 500 (scale 1:12) would, according to your logic cost less than 1k EUR, which is, if you account for inflation, about 6000 EUR less than the actual price.

@fribbledom Bars of precious metal would probably be slightly more costly than even a 1:1 sized Lego model.

But as a parent who's bought a lot of Lego sets in my time, I understand the thought behind your post!

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