@fribbledom so he's still on his "the universe is made of cellular automata" crank kick, huh?

@fluffy @fribbledom and will be forever, I think. They've come up with a cool new type of automata, and there's a whole new class of pretty pictures and cool simulations to do with it, but you can find all the parallel behaviors between ordered systems you like, that doesn't mean it's anything but convergent evolution.

@weird_hell @fribbledom yeah I mean A New Kind Of Science was already a sign that he'd completely lost the plot

@fribbledom i'm so confused. He discovered that iteratively applying a simple rule to a minimal directed graph can make a big directed graph with a consistent structure? like, no shit? and then if you arrange this directed graph in space, it looks like... a surface that takes up space? And this is supposed to have something to do with explaining fundamental physics?

@nindokag @fribbledom Yes, that's about it. Which, to be honest, is very similar to the way String Theory has run.

Remember that "making a model of reality" is the goal of observational science, not necessarily "knowing how it really works".

Our current models have unexplainable constants in them right now. If his model provides a way to derive those constants and a way to describe/predict actual real events in the universe, it's "better" without necessarily having to be "correct" 🙂

@fribbledom whaaaaa... (I'm not finished reading yet, but whaaaaaaa...)

@fribbledom I skimmed this post quickly and felt confused: he seems to mix up well-known stuff in rather usual ways and then throw in some more or less arbitrary interpretations. Also, I find it weird that he published this blog post without citing the reaction of the concerned communities.

Now, his approach is indeed exciting if it works. I don't feel like reading the actual technical papers though.

@fribbledom My electrodynamics professor in grad school went to grad school with Wolfram and would tell stories about him. Nothing awful, just amusing.


wolfram makes two nice points in this interview.
* he expects and enjoys haters (good because he accumulates many critics)
* cellular automata programs are a new kind of science in the same sense that using mathematics to help describe science was also a new kind of science.

@fribbledom This guy has integrated some interesting insights, and some of them seem to overlap with what is going on regarding Quantum Gravity studies, specifically LQD - "Looped Quantum Gravity". Its fascinating as hell to me. Still trying to absorb it all.

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