"A common occurrence of this illusion is known as the stopped-clock illusion, where the second hand of an analog clock appears to stay still for longer than normal when looking at it for the first time."

I've heard of that phenomenon before, but I didn't know there's even a term for it.

@fribbledom I have noticed this illusion but I also never knew there was a name for it. I see it in flashing lights, like traffic or Christmas lights. When you first look at them you'd swear they stay on 3 times as longer then they actually do.

Word of the day.

@fribbledom Having grown up with (mostly) only analog clocks, I have absolutely experienced this ... figured it was just my brain being weird as it sometimes does ;p

I, too, did not know there was an Actual Word for it!

@fribbledom I used to know the name for the effect where you stare at distant clouds and they seem to recede. Unfortunately as I get older my memory seems to recede too. :blobugh:

Wikipedia really has almost everything. 😀

@fribbledom honestly surprised there isn't a chronomancer trait named after this

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