Keep a notebook where you write down your ideas, inspirations and wishes. Keep reading your old notes and improve upon them.

If something stays on the list for long enough, start working on it: you probably have given it enough thought now and it clearly seems worth it.

@fribbledom I wonder if I'll have the time and inspiration to write for #NaNo this #NNN. I've had a novel-length story in parts and pieces in my task manager since summer 2012. I'd think of ideas, add them, then mostly forget about it for 2 or 3 years. Recently, I scrapped the planned opening for something better.

It seems to be the first act that is unstable. The middle part gets added to and the last part might be omitted.

@fribbledom I have so many notebooks! yes I should revisit the old ideas

You're right. I should start using my Orgzly notebook of ideas again.

I've got the habit of writing but never revisiting. How often do you read your old notes?


It depends, but I'd say every other day, or when I'm working on specific projects.

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