The difference between Git and GitHub?

Well... Git is to GitHub what porn is to PornHub.

@fribbledom Git is to GitHub what Pizza is to PizzaHut if you want to be more family friendly ;)

@CherryKittens @jbauer if we were talking about source code in general, then SourceHut would work

@00dani @petra @fribbledom ok looking at this list I'm pretty sure the fourth one isn't a porn site

@00dani @ben @fribbledom ok, but if you self-host you can follow any old thing and no megacorp will know!

@petra @ben @fribbledom yeah i'm doing that now! miniflux rules

still sad that google reader's gone tho

@00dani @ben @fribbledom I'm glad it's still great! My setup is also working great. But yes, I miss it

@fribbledom Somehow I feel as though their executives would cringe at this slogan: "GitHub: The PornHub of code."

@fribbledom @ekaitz_zarraga well.. ironically,what was meant to be a distributed way of cooperation while developing, ( #git ) turned onto (another) Big Silo. And then came Micro$oft, and bought it. Voilà.

We all work for M$ while ' git pushing ' to #github or may have i dreamed it ?

Of course , devs we have or own asperger's-facebook-kind-of ? With 'stars ', favourites, trending techs and all the blabla... mmh. Dunno.

for free, as in free beer (or as in #freedom ) ?

Ok, forget it ...

@fribbledom And that's what Java is to JavaScript as well 😹

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