Ok, GitHub Codesapces actually sounds pretty exciting:

@fribbledom So it's only when you use Visual Studio? No thank you.

@Ertain @fribbledom VSCode has a vim plugin. I'm excited because I assume they will allow it... 🙂

@fribbledom Very interesting. Signed up for it, we'll see how this goes!

@fribbledom Of course it's the Microsoft product(s) being promoted/implemented.

That said, an online code editor that covers a wide variety of languages (including non-Microsoft ones) would be nice.

@fribbledom Looks promising, I probably won't use it much (nor Gitlab's version), but definitely has promise. There area lot of times when I'm on different machines and could do some code.

Doesn't GitLab has an own WebIDE for quite a while now?

@fribbledom I hope they also built my compilers into github!

@fribbledom Wow,M$ Vi$ual $tudio Code directly inside of M$ Github.Very cool,I totally need this...not!Gogs and Gedit are the way to go.

@fribbledom i wonder if it's gonna be the first "cloud ide" to actually work out since vscode is quite popular on itself

Today I had to opportunity to perform legal suicide:

rm -rf /**/*

Was not disappointed.

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