A week of mandatory use of face masks and I'm beginning to understand why Darth Vader is always so grumpy.

@fribbledom I was actually thinking to myself yesterday if there were Darth Vader masks around. :D Only the mouthpiece part! :D

@dmoonfire @fribbledom Or wearing them incorrectly, like only covering the mouth, or even better, to pull it down in the middle of the grocery store because they want to make a phone call... (not sure why they cannot do that through the mask - I definitely can)

@gaab @fribbledom Oh, I know. Or the GIF of the lady who cut out a mouth hole because it was easier to talk.

I was mostly referring to the fact very few people in the Star Wars universe wear masks around Vader.

I know I get uncomfortable when 95% of the people around me aren't wearing a mask when I do (yay, Iowa) and I could appreciate the frustration/humiliation.

@fribbledom face masks need to come with sound effect tools, like the add on car horns of yesteryear

sure, Darth Vader breathing would be fun, but what about slide whistle breathing or yakity sax breathing?

@fribbledom bruh, I scrub my teeth, I gargle for a minute straight, everything still smells like shit after an hour in the mask. the fuck is going on?!

@fribbledom hm… Did I miss something? When did it become mandatory?


Depends where you live, I guess. It is here, for certain activities.

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