Personally, I like it a bit better, but I still prefer Plasma over pretty much everything else. Also, I'm totally biased when it comes to this.

@fribbledom @aage Plasma is IMO the best out-of-box experience on Linux, which is something I find myself valuing more and more these days

@pea @fribbledom

Ok, I will have to look into it 🙂 Thank you for the info.


You should totally check it out! As mentioned, I'm a bit biased, but if you haven't used it yet or haven't played with it in recent years, it's thoroughly good 🙂


@pea @fribbledom @aage the only drawback is when it insists on drawing menubars on panels by default like in Unity, and then you spend 3 weeks trying to figure out why none of your programs have any settings or options. Or when you drag a widget and the entire desktop crashes, or....

you know I actually think cinnamon is better out of the box tbh, but once you finish setting up KDE the whole environment is pretty nice and the whole KDEWallet thing is a really nice idea.

@thufie @pea @fribbledom hmmm.... I use LinuxMint cinnamon right now and I do like it. But as I say I am new to Linux and I hope to try some different distros so that I can find one that I like.

And it is good to get some pointers and advice. So Thanx to you all.

@fribbledom ok, I have just started using LinuxMint as I am new to Linux so I hope it is a good alternativ for starting out with.


@aage @fribbledom ohh as starter it's great IMHO. And even after 7 years like me, it's still my first choice. Have fun with it.

@fribbledom This drives me crazy. Why infest an otherwise nice desktop with javascript?


I guess JavaScript (or rather ECMAScript) bindings aren't the worst idea, it's just getting painful when even the most central stuff suddenly involves it.

@fribbledom ...and one faulty component can block the entire desktop... (had that with MTP, yes, a network/storage technology was blocking all rendering!)

@schnittchen @fribbledom What do you mean by "infest"? Most of Gnome Shell is written in JavaScript if I'm not mistaken.


> Executing JavaScript isn’t objectively slow

...oh no :|

@fribbledom Jitsi Meet with Chromium browser.
There are many public instances. My company has one for its employees.

@fribbledom "The problem is when GNOME Shell joins the party it adds some allocation functions written entirely in JavaScript"
w h y

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