For the next week, you can download Civilization VI for free on the Epic Games Store:

@gcrkrause @fribbledom Yes, the Epic version is Windows only, and unfortunately it doesn't work on WINE :-(

@fribbledom is that a regular thing now? just pounding out titles like there is no tomorrow? just to end the monopoly of steam ant get everyone in their ecosystem? because it sure is working!

@phjl @fribbledom They've been doing that since a month after they released their store. A new game for free each week. I've got Slime Rancher and Subnautica for free that way. Should probably pay for Slime Rancher, probably not going to ever play Subnautica.

I don't like to split up my game in different launcher. Steam, GOG Galaxy, Epic Games, Origin, UPlay...

Fuck this. :P

Why not try this cool opensource android version? Spent way to much time on this recently :)


...whats the catch?

I at least expect a NSA-backed Ring-0 DRM kernel driver? There's got to be *something*.

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