Developer Pro Tip:

When you copy code from stackoverflow, make sure it's from the answer, not the question.

@fribbledom sometimes it works or it gives you hint to reproduce the question

Even more when doing with a badly documented thing

@fribbledom what's the license for stack overflow code these days? It was CC-BY-SA 3.0, then 4.0 - I think they wanted to change to MIT, but I'm not sure it happened. Also it's not retroactive, I suppose so old solutions are not really usable seeing CC licensing compatibility

@fribbledom afaict, the mit Switch is stalled, hence all code is CC-BY-SA, which in practice means you won't be able to paste it into your project (unless your license allows combining with that).

@juliank @fribbledom it's still CC-BY- SA 4.0 (at least for new content)

@fribbledom and be aware that they are theoratically licensed under CC BY-SA

@fribbledom and when you do, make sure you understand what it is doing, so you can spot bugs such as this one that instead of getting the app's GUID to prevent multiple instance from running, got the GUID of a .NET library, which meant that all apps that copied the same code (such as for Windows, and the Synapse driver apparently), could not be run simultaneously:

@fribbledom and never from the accepted answer because it's always wrong

@fribbledom Except when it's a question that's using the solution to your problem as example for "I know this, but that's different from what I'm asking."

@fribbledom Developer Pro Tip:

When yoi copy and paste code from StackOverflow make sure it's code, not regular text.

@fribbledom i put the answer url in a comment above, if the code is in any way magical, not easily understood, or hacky.

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