@fribbledom I feel like you can netboot a fairly comprehensive distributed cross compilation environment on these things.

@fribbledom They also have a beta for a 64-bit version of their OS, so that'll help expand the use cases quite a bit. ^_^

@fribbledom This along with the new SSD/USB boot option is pretty crazy.

@fribbledom that doesn't look like any raspberry pie I've ever made. 😂

@lastfuture @fribbledom I looked up the cost of 64 gigabit DDR4 chips. $55 in 1000 quantity. Almost all of the cost of that board is the memory chip. Honestly, if I got one of these it would just be for the novelty. It might be useful for running VMs on the board, but almost all of the uses I have for a Pi can be handled by the 2gb and 4gb models.

@fribbledom The Pinebook Pro and the regular 4gb version are *pretty* capable full time (light) machines. This makes it a pretty serious contender for full "regular" duty. More of this!

@fribbledom Thanks. I have been threatening to dive in and now I have.Just ordered an 8GB kit. I have ZERO experience with Raspberry Pi and only very limited linux experience, but I need a effin' project to calm my mind. THANKS for the nudge.

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