@fribbledom Lunddude is still around? Hasn't switched to OSX or something?

@murks @fribbledom No, he's still busy with telling everyone and their mother that he stops using social media.

(For the nth time.)

@fribbledom cant watch because the video owner disallows videos from domains besides youtube,, so no hooktube ability , a pity

@fleeky @fribbledom all of his videos are available through lbry.tv or just download it directly

I disagree with quite a bit of what Lunduke said, but it is still an interesting video to watch.

Also, the Linux world they are seeing is very different from what I thought/am seeing... People promoting Linux but not using it? What?

@fribbledom oh god I had to pause this and deal with the AppImage problem. "Linux people are dumb" is why no one is using AppImage? Fuuuuuck no. AppImage is how you get spyware and DRM and crapware on Linux. All of the things he hates about Android are exaclty what AppImage proports to bring to desktop Linux.


@sir @fribbledom This annoyed me too. Chalking up everything that's wrong to "Linux people are dumb" is very lazy reasoning.

It's been a pretty common theme for these Linux Sucks presentations to ignore the nuances of issues and make wide, sweeping generalisations. I don't wish to be mean, but this is not uncommon for Lunduke given some of his past work: old.reddit.com/r/linux/comment (video removed, it seems), old.reddit.com/r/linuxmasterra (oh, video also removed)...

@jbauer @sir @fribbledom the podcasts are still there. Those two were interesting shows to listen to.

@sir @fribbledom But his 20 year old closed source video game binaries won’t link with the new libraries anymore! That means Linux is bad!

By the way it’s totes not vidya’s fault that people don’t use Linux because reasons.

@cy @fribbledom he's right about this one tbf, dynamic linking is a crime

@sir @fribbledom I’ll do you one better and say that linking is a crime.

Open source should be open source…

@fribbledom "gentoo is just absolute and utter garbage" pogchamp

@fribbledom I don't watch Lunduke's rants anymore. Parted ways when he half-assed went "antifa bad".

But his Linux Sucks installments is a tradition by now.

thanks for the links i appreciate , have to agree with others that this is basically just trolling, but he has a magnificent troll voice i instantly get annoyed, very impressive !

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