We probably have to finally recognize that those who have been left out of the social contract, find no reason to adhere to a social contract, which is why you're seeing protests turning into riots.


"They are lucky that what black people are looking for is equality and not revenge”

-- Kimberly Jones


@fribbledom This is the best example of a racist policeman the left and blm could find. A democrat that is/was married to an Asian woman han who had stepchildren for asian descent and was working with colored people.

What a racist ??

What about getting some facts?

Oh shit. Guys, stop the protests! The guy advocating for "killology" training for police, to make them less empathetic killers, is married to an Asian woman. Obviously that means the police has no systematic problems with race inequality and unnecessary violence. Ignore what you see in the news. All the unarmed blacks killed by police are just a streak of bad luck, I guess.

@frawi @fribbledom you know that last year 9 black and 19 white men was killed by the police in the us?

And can you show me the law in the us that talke away rights from black or any other colord people?

You have to be kidding me. There are 41m blacks and 197m whites in the US. If your numbers were correct, a black person has a 2.2 times higher probability of being killed by police. Even based on your numbers, you are wrong.

But now, let's look at real numbers. 1003 people were shot and killed 2019 by police. 405 white, 249 black. That means blacks are 3 times as likely to be shot and killed by police.



@frawi You have to look at the statistics and compere the numbers to one another and then you will see that the numbers tell you what you say is wrong.

Was all of the 249 blacks killed by cops 2019 unarmed?
Here Tucker Carlson goes over the numbers.

The link I gave you gives you the full database with all kinds of factors that you can filter. The ratio of unarmed blacks vs unarmed whites is pretty much the same. Check the data yourself instead of blind trust.

@aage@norge.social @fribbledom He can actually still be a racist if he does racist things.
I know that must be a difficult concept for you.

And he's not the only example and those are not the only facts about him that matter.

@fribbledom Ah, looks like that guy's instance is blocked from here or something.


I usually find that people who are angry and shouting don't argue well but damn, was that a consistent and logical argument...

@fribbledom Oh, the guy in the video conference delivered his message perfectly! 30 seconds and so many stupid faces in shame. Bomb them to the ground!

@fribbledom And yet you don't see any specific answers to questions like:
"What happens when someone breaks into my house at night?"
Its all hand-waving and "community programs". That isn't going to fly for a lot of people, regardless of the intent.

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