An OpenSCAD cap-with-thread generator for all your "cap-with-thread-generator" needs:

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@fribbledom I should try that out one day.

I bet I could make some complex things with OpenSCAD.


Cool, thanks!
This saves me to use Fusion360 for these simple parts.

@fribbledom Actually a few moments ago i made a node about openscad on my whiteboard x3
Where should i start to learn about it? Is there something like "The Donut Tutorial for Blender" just for OpenScat? ö.ö


That's actually a good question! Let me know if you find some good tutorials!

Personally, I just started with a very specific need and then clicked my way through their documentation (which is fairly decent, btw) until I figured out how it works 😄

@fribbledom Sweet, those 3D printing people will be "lefty loosey, righty tighty" in no time. 👍

@fribbledom wow, that’s looks impressive, especially when I’m struggling to do achieve the most basic things ^^ 👏


Standing on the shoulders of giants here. This is really just a simple customizer wrapper around the awesome threadlib by Adrian Schlatter.

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