If my life was a first-person shooter, I would have roughly 25 percent energy left, I'd slowly run out of bullets, I still haven't found the red key, and I'm stuck at an enemy spawn-point.

Overall pretty immersive, great graphics, but the story sucks and is rather far-fetched.

Please do not turn your life into a first-person shooter things are bad enough as they are

@fribbledom I have never related to a toot so much.

Except my spawn point is in a blind spot between multiple enemy strongholds, AMD as soon as I step out for *anything* (like that medpack just over there, or ammo restock that-a-way) I get shot down. So all I can do is sit here in panic, not sure which way to move and fearing it's all pointless anyway.

@fribbledom All while eyeing that knife on the stool across the room, wondering if you can make it past the enemy spawn point to grab it without losing too much health, but knowing that if you don't try soon, you won't have the health remaining to do it later.

@fribbledom that toot shows your age :P

Jokes aside, that's unfortunately relatable.

@fribbledom My spawn point is glitched half way into the wall and floor, I'm certain most others are using aim bots, my analog stick is drifting, and I still can't tell if that "1" means I have one extra life or I am on my last life :/

@fribbledom finger hovering over the A button. Current respawn is before a complicated series of moving platforms, teleporters and wall runs before facing a brawl with two bullets. No matter how many times I do the run, I’m not getting better and I just missed the first easy jump into a stationary platform. Every run is groundhogs day.

"Stuck at the spawn-point" is pretty spot-on for what I felt like until recently ... or maybe some Tower defence game where you've got enough stuff in place to get all creeps down to 10% life before they're out of reach.

I'd never thought that quitting my job before having a new one lined up could feel quite so liberating even though my travel plans for this year are comprehensively screwed, so now I'm stuck in one place IRL

@fribbledom currently my life is a first person shooter shareware version. I am doing way too amazing with just one level.

@fribbledom What's worse is that the FPS was designed by some idiot at Capstone Software.

@fribbledom I'd be in the console figuring out commands. Just before I escape.

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