My favorite bit of early-UNIX history trivia:

When AT&T donated the V6 source code to Berkeley, it was classified as industrial waste for tax purposes.


Source: Evan Hunt / Bruce Steinberg. Hard to confirm, but in this case it's almost too good _not_ to be true 😄

@fribbledom I love this, in part because I love how often the technical meaning of terms is far from the popular conception evoked by those same terms

@fribbledom AT&T was a totally different company in those days...

@joeo @fribbledom Arguably, AT&T was a company in those days and no longer is.

@roadriverrail @fribbledom No question. They're a shell now as they just cut more jobs despite getting tax cuts and more.

@joeo @fribbledom I don't know about their current internal structure; I mostly meant that SBC bought AT&T years ago and rebranded as AT&T, so it's not really the same company.

@fribbledom and later they sued Berkeley for using the industrial waste.

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