I think I would rather enjoy emoji-reactions to posts on the Fediverse ๐Ÿ˜Š

Am I alone with this?

ยท ยท Web ยท 37 ยท 11 ยท 41 yessss awesome

i've been trying to find that out for ages and nobody would give me an answer >.>

@fribbledom i saw it mentionned a few times here, and i believe it's a feature on pleroma

@Sapphaos @fribbledom it's a feature on pleroma yes, no idea if mastodon would implement it (I doubt...)

@fribbledom methinks someone was using Slack a little bit too long :-)

@isagalaev @fribbledom or, riot, signal, github, gitlab, discourse,.. ;)

@fribbledom you're not alone.. I post replies with only one emoji in them quite often.


Yeah, it's just a little less "binary" than a simple like/no-like ๐Ÿ˜„

@fribbledom I think they exist; I disabled them in my Pleroma, so I assume they're a thing ;P

@fribbledom on one hand: getting more semantic latitude instead of that one (usually overloaded) fave/like/whatever feature would be an upgrade.
on the other: emoji reactions tend to strike me as a bit all over the place, just an unordered mass of clutter, unelegant.

maybe iโ€™m weird but iโ€™d rather have conversations, or at least actual words. even a short โ€˜this is coolโ€™ or โ€˜good pointโ€™ without obligation to reply instead of that kind of one-click response.


I oppose this on principle. People can't give me shit about not using emojis if they aren't available in the first place.

@fribbledom Youโ€™re not alone. I like those very much on Mattermost and Slack.

@fribbledom Iirc they are (also) called reacti or sth like that.

Ah yeah and the Indieweb has em too. I seldom use this but it's definitely possible.

@sobercatholic @fribbledom
Pleroma has them at least locally, but I don't know if they propagate to federated servers.

@fribbledom personally I think the best emoji are absent emoji

@feld @fribbledom which clients/XEP? I don't see them in Conversations.

@hexmasteen @fribbledom oh wait i guess it's in "deferred" status right now, but I've seen demos. Never used it because XMPP sucks :)
@fribbledom They are one of the reasons why i chose to host a Pleroma instance over mastodon.

@fribbledom when Facebook introduced them, I was like "oh I see, you're trying to add a new dimension to your data collection, you evil bags of shit". But on the fediverse I would feel differently.

@fribbledom mewe let's you choose up to 4 creation emojis. Its surprisingly good but curtails a lot of potential conversation.

@fribbledom but please give us the freedom to choose from the entire emoji palette rather than choosing our emotions from a limited set of emojis.

@fribbledom i like that , being able to make custom emojis is also a plus :)
@fribbledom i also like your profile pic and name ๐Ÿ˜„
i have a ferret.
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