Having fun is not a waste of time.

@fribbledom And so is making mistakes. It is and experiance more👍


"I must not have fun. Fun is the time-killer. Fun is for children, customers, and the help. I will forget fun. I will take a pass on it. And while it is going, I will turn a blind eye toward it. Where fun is gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain--I, and my will to win. Damn, I'm good."

@fribbledom But what if wasting peoples time is how you have fun?

Then having fun is wasting and isn't wasting time at the same time time!

@fribbledom Having fun is an investment of time in your self-care.

@fribbledom hmmm... that strange ,
just got 2 posts from you that are very old XD
5days and 1 week.

must be because of the replies?
@fribbledom both posts are from before my instance was even a thing so ya must be the replies that triggered it.
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