When you detect a Wi-Fi device in your network that you absolutely can not identify.



Usually, yes. In this case however, it doesn't help me one bit. I thought it may be something suddenly using randomized MACs... but that's not it either.

@fribbledom That's funky.

Time to use whitelisted macs? Not perfect but helps against the casual "hacker".

@fribbledom @gudenau I've wondered what the ESP8266 folks, or anyone else with an incredibly popular WiFi chip, would do if/when they run out of MAC addresses. Invent their own OID, or take a shot nobody noticing address re-use.

@fribbledom *runs open wifi*

*sees neighbors forwarding a port to play Minecraft*

*no fucks given*

Az least join and say hi by trolling their builds? ☺️

@RobinSohn @fribbledom Oh no, Minecraft eats my life. I can't play video games because I get hooked at the drop of a hat. I start getting into modding, and then 3 months later I realize I've spent almost every waking hour playing. It'd be fun if someone did do that though!

@fribbledom always makes me skip a heartbeat but then i realize my memory is really poor, kinda like when i put the phone in the other pocket and freak out after i forget about that "revolutionary" change. took me 5 minutes of stressing out to recall, "oh right! the Pi is also connected via wifi."

@fribbledom I've got one unknown wifi device as well.. I've put it on 'pause' instead.

@fribbledom Oh sorry, that was just me, I'll be done in just a minute.

*continues to buy hand bones from amazon*


my router allows me to associate MAC to IP of my choice, so I just assign it an IP out of the broadcast, and wait who screams “I cannot connect to internet!!”

@fribbledom at first I would block the MAC and observe the network and your devices. Is one starting to complain?


I've already went down that route. I still couldn't identify it 🤷

@fribbledom could it be a device like a smartwatch that will transfer data over a bluetooth bridge via your phone if wifi fails?

@fribbledom WiFi-signal strength measured from different locations might give a clue. Or a port-scan when the IP is known.

@fribbledom kind of like my colleague answers "whose dev container is this?" is usually "let's shut it down and see who starts cursing"

@lastfuture @fribbledom haha. I revently did such a thing with SSH keys in authorized_keys that I did not recognize.

Took 3 or 4 weeks, but worked 😁

@fribbledom devices in my network I usually forget about at some point: connected body scale, robot vacuum cleaner, old handheld gaming console that somehow switched itself on and into standby

especially the body scale just connects after a weigh-in, so very infrequently

@fribbledom a guy with too much time on hand programmed the mikrotik to route it to a traffic faker service, which responded with random webpages on tcp80, and weird dns on udp53, with occasional educational webpage inserts. Fun to watch the person wildly reloading and reloading. 😈

@fribbledom Unfortunately I can't find now the article "why my wifi doesn't have a password" where the (famous security guy) author explained how the sharing economy helps the world: only thing he did was bandwidth-limiting freeloaders, and considered the risks smaller than universal benefits. Another point of view.

@muesli Been there, not done that ;) At some point I discovered a Windows device on my WiFi, and none of my machines runs Windows. After a good search, I found out it was my work laptop...
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