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@fribbledom i went through this earlier today and it instantly recommended arch to me. god damn it

@fribbledom oh, I thought it had stopped loading lol, I go back to the tab and the whole site looks different

@fribbledom Slackware?!
Eh, I guess the 90's wasn't that bad of a decade, so sure, letsgo

@fribbledom I hate these things. They always end up suggesting I go Unitarian Universalist.

(I wonder how you'd even make it hit Debian, which is what I've actually been using since neolithic times, and not Arch which it seems skewed towards)


Woah! Did not expect that! What answers did you pick, if you don't mind sharing?

@fribbledom huh Red Hat. Haven't seen that since the early 2000s. Maybe I will check it out. Ubuntu is mostly working for me, for now.

@fribbledom I did it out of curiosity.

Neither of the distributions suggested (Manjaro, PCLinuxOS) have a WM I'd use, and I'd also be VERY wary of using a distro I'd not heard of, and isn't used in enterprise.

FTR, and I've been here and there since the mid-90's, I've standardised on Ubuntu. It Just Works™️ and, after not using it on the desktop for about 5 years, installed on my old HP Elitebook with EVERYTHING working.

@fribbledom my criteria for a distro are (1) does it run xfce? and (2) is it popular? That's why i use xubuntu.

@fribbledom I tried that, it recommended 8 distros to me. Now I still have to decide, doesn't seem particularly useful tbh.

@fribbledom Heh I either do run these, have run them, or want to try them. It's actually pretty accurate :blobcatthinking:

QubesOS is especially compelling but the performance penalties are more than I'm willing to take. Arch is my second choice as well as the second recommendation 😉

It's not really a performance issue, just the inherent overhead with running every app in a VM. I like playing my games with ultra graphics and virtualisation would make that difficult 😉

@fribbledom Nice test 🙂 As a long-time Ubuntu user looking to switch, I was recommended Devuan, probably because I said "I know what 'systemd' is and wish to avoid that." Anyone used ? I'm considering trying it out in a VM. Is it worth it?

@fribbledom Don't much care for the way the recommendations list why it's in the list, but avoid mentioning things that could be deal-breakers because they contradict what was picked.

Also apparently picking "No Systemd" gives a bit more interesting results, thought they're pretty bad: 

Devuan - Back when I checked it the project's goal was to make a base for distros, not a usable distro by itself so I'd need it to recommend a "sub-distro".
Gentoo, Slackware - These make more sense to offer, but no thanks from me.
Linux from Scratch - Why is this even listed? It's not really a distro, it's just a guide.
Qubes OS - Seems interesting, but also not really a distro.

The remaining suggestions. 

@fribbledom Void - What I'm running right now.
Bedrock and NixOS - Quietly dropped the Systemd answer entirely. Both are conceptually interesting at least.

BTW, all of them ignore the "supported by game devs" answer I gave to test things out.

Unchecking "no Systemd" kept Devuan at the top, which is interesting. 

@fribbledom Then it got to the same rails as for others with Arch, then Red Hat Enterprise.
Void Linux is at the very end, below two RHEL spin offs, Slackware and Linux from Scratch.

Which is a bit weird. Void is pretty Arch-like so seeing Arch so high up and Void below things I would be hesitant to recommend to anyone I don't know really well doesn't make much sense to me.

@fribbledom I mean I'd get if it weighted more on being different than something already in the list, but there are three Red Hat based distros between Arch and Void (one of them RHEL).
One of them is Scientific Linux. What answer did I give to make it think I needed it for scientific purposes?

@fribbledom TL;DR on my opinions:
This reminds me of the early 2000s recommendation questionnaires for anime et al.

@fribbledom Top result: Scientific Linux
No way I am installing that *haha*

@fribbledom Funny, it suggested exactly the ones I tried or thought about and there is only one distro like cubes ;-)

oh, nice. That seems quite useful!

...but I can't help thinking that a nice filtered distro search engine could be more useful.
Something where I can put some weighted preferences in but then filter the results to see only rolling releases with auto-updates, which have long term support for 32 bit, for example ...

@fribbledom got Gentoo as one of the options :-) but prefer to stay at

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