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In my head the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" theme starts playing right at the end.

@fribbledom It's good to be part of the burn the mop-head just received.

@fribbledom 12M downloads in a population of 80M isn't going be useful.


That's 12M within less than a week and scientists already deem it useful at that penetration rate.

@mansr @fribbledom I think Germany did the flip to the Apple/Google model at the end of April; so they went through the same mess - they're 2 months ahead though.

It won't be usefull for a complete tracking of the virus over the whole populus, but can still track some dynamics and cases, which already helps.
Its like masks, not a absolute protection but compared to low effort a useful reduction of spreading viruses.

@gom @fribbledom A contact tracing app is only useful if there's a reasonable chance an infected person you encounter is also using it, or any person for that matter. A few scattered people running around with the app will contribute roughly nothing. Now if, as suggested, those 12M downloads are concentrated in a subset of the population likely to meet, then it can perhaps be of some use.

@fribbledom I think I don't have enough context to fully get this, but this is already fun to watch :blobmiou:

@jabgoe2089 I think that one is generally not considered to be working, they did decide to use a central approach, which is up and running, but very few people actually installed it. While in #Germany when you're in a restaurant in a city you can actually receive the #Corona #Bluetooth beacons of 60+ people. So penetration in such surroundings is pretty good.

@jabgoe2089 app launched on 2nd June, 1.8M activations but since then 400k uninstalls. App does not conform to spec especially in the domain of privacy (which was trumpeted as best-in-class before launch), Minister now says 芦 app鈥檚 relevance is relative 禄 and it ends up costing 200k鈧 per month for hosting on Microsoft datacenters which were chosen without a public bidding process (which is against the law) and this is now under investigation by the anti corruption watchdog.

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