The sun is round, Mercury is round, Venus is round, Earth is flat, Mars is round, ...


@Parnikkapore @fribbledom
An ex-coworker once sent me a Youtube link saying it was really interesting. It turned out to be a flat earth video. 🙄

@fribbledom I wish I could jump on this bandwagon, but damnit I rage out so bad when I think about how fu.... See... Ok, moving on now, glad to know I'm not alone

@fribbledom Pft, none of those things are round. They are clearly ellipsoids :P

@fribbledom I thought their argument was the Earth is flat and everything in the sky is a mystery and everyone who says they know things about astronomy are all lying?

Only the flath earth society is much more flat than the flat earth, because the earth falled down and the flatearthies was on the bottom.
This falldown is the reason for earth flatness ...

@fribbledom No they aren't round, they're just directdet to earth that's why they appear round from our perspective.

@fribbledom They're not actually round, they're flat and constantly facing Earth (the center of the universe)

@fribbledom I once asked a flat-earther why they haven't tried to float a balloon with a phone/camera on it to take video and pictures of "the edge". Surely someone could chart a boat and perform that experiment in the north or southern seas. His answer? "The military guards the north and south at all times so they'd prevent us from getting close." The delusion was incredible.

@TallTim @fribbledom This may be because flat-earthers are heavily affected by 5G signal. Here's a diagram explanation:

It's the same defence mechanism almost everyone employs when someone's trying to convince them of something they really really don't want to be true, or that is completely incompatible with their world view.

Taken to extremes, of course, and thus easier to observe -- but I bet everybody does this in some larger or smaller way once in a while.

@fribbledom I mean the obvious explanation for the difference is that all those things are up in the sky except Earth, which is down there under our feet.

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