Wow. This toot apparently prompted several dozen of you to unfollow me 😆

Good riddance!

To the rest of you:

Thanks for actually reading the article instead of falling for that headline, not noticing the inverted commas, and then jumping to conclusions! You people are why I love the Fediverse so much 😊

@fribbledom learned about the significance of the inverted commas only by reading this piece.

reading the headline: 😒
reasing the article: 😏


Pretty sure they meant the quotation marks (") by inverted comma - wasn't familiar with that term either, but I guess there might be a distinction for the various forms (curly, straight)

@s_ol @fribbledom

Ah I see what you mean... To me this is like calling a 3 a reversed E but ok

@s_ol In our modern typography W looks more like a double V, but all three letters (U, V, W) evolved from the same Semitic sign.

So, no, I have no problem calling that letter a "double U".

@fribbledom didn't read, but i bet it says something along the lines of "technology can't fix society problems"

and that's right

@fribbledom Interestingly, if you apply the same logic then email was "doomed to fail" as well. Yet for business it's still *the* prevalent form of communication online. Less so for private individuals, now we have Signal, WhatsApp, etc. I have hope, in a World that's waking up to what surveillance capitalism really means, that the idea of running your own Twitter, or being on a Twitter you trust, will appeal more and more to "normal people". 😊

@greg_harvey @fribbledom Well, they say the same about email these days.

Get Office 365 or G-Suite! You can't handle your mail yourself. It is boring, expensive and doomed to fail! Use nice clouds maintained by professionals.
@greg_harvey @fribbledom All standards are open :) Still where is RSS and where is Pinterest?

Large email services also become more isolated and proprietary little by little such as features which work only within the service.

@shuro @fribbledom My bad, s/standard/system ... it's an open SYSTEM. Anyone can join in. Sure, there's G Suite, MS, etc. But people are also free to choose ProtonMail, for example, and many do. Or you could run your own mail server. All of which is not possible if you want to participate on Facebook without using their API/website. I'm not sure where you're going with this? Gmail exists, so Mastodon must fail?

@greg_harvey @fribbledom I didn't say this. Obviously I don't want for open systems to fail although I generally agree with the article and think it is not the easiest time for open and free.

Also I don't think "failing" really applies to free. Commercial products fail when they can't generate enough revenue. Free can just get more or less popular.

@fribbledom I had read that "article" a while back; gave me a good chuckle.

@alexcleac hahaha, I'd never seen that one before, so thanks for sharing!

@muesli It's a very well written piece, that really highlights what is different about this community.

@fribbledom to each…

Frankly I didn't even bother to read this article before thanks to it's headline _until_ you referenced it too.

I guess it was one share too much to simply ignore it and now I'm glad I read it.

Whoever wrote it.

@fribbledom So it is true, but not for the reasons we thought it would be. Anyway, Mastodon and the Fediverse are obviously a product of our time...everybody may draw their own conclusion from that.

@fribbledom The followers are in the content, not the headline. 😉

@fribbledom Even if there were no inverted commas.. I'd think it's silly to unfollow someone just because of different opinions. If everyone agrees on everything, there's no new to be learnt in the world.

@gaab @fribbledom That kinda assumes that "different opinions" (in this instance, the apostrophes indicate a non-sarcastic quote) is the reason for the unfollow, rather than "clickbaity toots" (in this instance, the apostrophes are used to demarcate the reason from the rest of the sentence to improve clarity). An assumption I wouldn't want to make.

I think the error is already in assuming that

1: the person sharing an article automatically agrees with everything in the article
2: predicting difficult times for Mastodon was the same thing as discouraging people from using it.

I didn't notice the quotes but read the article because I wanted to know which obstacles the author was seeing, whether if I found the arguments compelling, and if I saw ways to overcome them. I'm a bit disappointed, actually.


@gaab but! if everyone agreed on everything there would be peace on earth @fribbledom

@fribbledom really good article^^

tbh i'm kinda happy that fedi isn't becoming mainstream. cause if fedi should get mainstream, its nowhere better than twitter (ads ads ads, trackers ads, did i say ads? oh yeah and big cooperations and their rules)

i'm really happy about the current fedi, could be better ("blockthreads"...) but yeah at least we have more freedom here ^^

@fribbledom it's you writing that headline/sharing that headline...of course i gotta check...even though i bookmark and forget usually but not this clickbait success!

Obviously a lot of micro bloggers aren't members of second degree irony teammate and probably they didn't even read your article.
Perhaps this title less allusive?
Why Mastodon and the fediverse should be "doomed to fail”
🙏 Pretty good paper indeed!

@fribbledom It was clickbait. Masto isn't going anywhere, but its funny that the author decries capitalism so much. It built the tech he's using to whine about it.

@fribbledom but as a positive exception from that rule: Podcasts are thriving also the concept was also non-profit from the start.

Nice one. Fediverse won't ever "win" if we compare ourselves to multi-million companies. We want things done in a much better, more humane, more "not-for-the-dollar" way. I also think we are succeeding; it's just that the goal is far away, so the road is long 🙂

@fribbledom I remember when the internet first started, it seemed like the perfect place for co-ops and sharing economies to develop. I’m still hopeful that will happen, and fediverse could be part of that.


you can’t talk of failure before of defining failure. Nevertheless, the definition of “failure” I foresee in this post would sound so ridiculous, the post would die….

@fribbledom not disappointed at all! :P impressed by my new favorite set of lines... "If something doesn't generate profit, has no obvious pathway to profit, and isn't backed by people who are viewed as experts on making profit, it is assumed to be a failure by default."

@fribbledom this hits close to home. I’m trying to design and build homebrew computers for my life’s work. Seems similarly doomed to failure.

@fribbledom Interesting article, thank you for sharing! I generally agree with it, but it’s cool to see it all laid out.

@fribbledom Here's hoping it continues to fail. I like it as it is.

@fribbledom IMO, I don't think the Fediverse will ever gain mainstream attention until it is utilized by governments. However, for me, I see it as potentially useful in creating a platform whose ideas, values and norms differ from the status quo and the social pressures that come from Twitter.

For example, what articles they choose to highlight, their framing of stories, that sorta.

@fribbledom Excellent article, thank you!

I wonder if mass media adoption is actually a "must have" for success. I don't believe in mass revolution here as well. Yet, every single person putting their Mastodon handle on her slides (ideally instead of and not just in addition to their Twitter handle) helps to spread the idea.

In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves. What is the actual value of having thousands of followers (and haters)?

@fribbledom For someone who shits on capitalism, the author certainly benefits from it. Sounds like someone who just read marxist ideology and thought it was a cool idea.

@fribbledom I just learned about the existence of WriteFreely from this article and I am super stoked about it ❤️

@fribbledom I won't lie, they got me with the title, they really did, and I clicked on the link with narrow-eyed cynicism.

@fribbledom I nearly didn't read the article. I was about to dismiss it as click bate because of the title. I gave it a chance (thinking fediverse isn't usually prone to clickbait) and I'm glad I did. Nice article. Shame about the title.

@fribbledom Good article. I feel that Fediverse's ambition lies in making social media like water and air, that must not be judged by how much money it generates, but by how much digital connections are enabled organically without manipulations. Having said that, I still wish someday I'll earn enough to be able to donate a part of it to its team for their vision and perseverance.

@fribbledom for me is not the quantity,is the quality of users.
I prefer smaller but better society, I found that on Fediverse. I prefer it small.
The rest can stay at Facebook.


The thing I'd have liked to see addressed in the article: If financial failure/success is not what Mastodon is about (which I agree with!), what should the measure of success be?

To me, it's already succeeded, but what's a good criterion to decide in 5 years if it's more or less successful than it was? Adoption rate? Number of users/interactions? Quality of interactions (defined how?)? Influence on other social media projects/platforms...? Reach?

..."Brand recognition"?

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