GitHub's mysterious secret user repos:

Want your own profile to look like that? Just create a repository that matches your GitHub username and create a README there.

@gudenau @fribbledom

On Github, images are proxied via [camo]( (

@fribbledom This looks quite useful actually, going to keep in mind for later~ :3

@fribbledom > Want your own profile to look like that?

Not really. Tbh I'd rather just not have to use a service that profits from detention centre torture.

@fribbledom Kudos for making your profile picture work regardless of theme. 😁

@fribbledom cool!
Is Knoxite ready for production usage?
Does it have GUI support?

@fribbledom I've created mine and used The Unlicense to ensure that this is free and unencumbered software! /s

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