According to my girlfriend the only thing worse than mansplaining is manfusing:

When you already know something perfectly well, but some dude keeps spewing out random bits of misinformation until you're completely confused and can't tell left from right anymore.

Between you and me, I think she just made that term up after I apparently manfused the heck out of her 😂

Guilty as charged...

@fribbledom oh tell her I am putting this on my pocket for next time my partner pulls that one off 😁

Sure, she already understood it, but did she understand it for the correct reasons?

... must... fight the ... urge to explain everything ... I know...!

In fact, I just deleted a much longer explanation here! So proud of myself right now!

I think the trick is to listen more than talk. Doesn't come easy but practice helps. (And a patient partner...)

I'm pretty sure that when it's intentional we call that gaslighting, so yeah, this better come from a sincere place of cluelessness!

That is evil, though. I do use it when I'm trolling trolls back. Which I should not do, but occasionally can't really stop myself from.

@fribbledom well, I understand mansplaining. But I claim manfusing is something that all people do (but necessarily on purpose) regardless of their gender.


Both words are probably gender neutral despite their name. I guess every single one of us did that before, hopefully unintentionally.

@fribbledom I know that feel, because I've done manfusing before.

@fribbledom I think that's usually just called gaslighting


If you do it intentionally and purposefully, yeah.

@fribbledom That's me! Calvin's Dad is my rolemodel when it comes to education.

@fribbledom "Manfusing" makes me think of more "how Emrakul makes human centipedes".

(For anyone confused, this is a Magic the Gathering joke / reference.)

References to a lewd act. 

@fribbledom Or alternatively "manfusing" is what happens when some guys are "making a train" in a hot weather and sweat starts acting like glue.

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