My GitHub profile page now generates itself, which is rather rad!

It's pretty amazing what you can do with just a tiny bit of , , , , and 😍

Check it out:


Want to generate your own GitHub profile README like this one?

Check out markscribe, your personal markdown scribe with template-engine and Git(Hub) & RSS powers πŸ’ͺ

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@fribbledom That's a pretty cool little output and you have a lot of fires going on, don't you?


I guess that's part of the fun as a programmer: there's always room for one more side-project πŸ˜„

@fribbledom Oh yeah, I have a ton of scratch-an-itch projects. I feel guilty when I abandon them because they are too ambitious or broad sweeping.

Though, I started establishing a current project budge (no more than three at a time) which made life a lot easier though maintenance means... I get overwhelmed anyways. :D

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