My go-to response when I get a bug report for a C++ program:


It's a bit of a silly response, of course, but:

1 out of a hundred times it actually fixes things, like linker/caching/build-system issues. If it does, you could have spent hours hunting a bug that doesn't exist.

So maybe it's actually a reasonable response, eliminating flukes...

Eliminating flukes is entirely reasonable! Also, in the last 20 years or so of C++ development, that's worked exactly once for me. No more compiler caches since then.

I'm fine with your choices being different, FWIW.

The response was more sarcastic, though: I'm aware how horrible it can be to debug C++ (also C, if we're being fair).

@fribbledom "It works on my end! Let's deploy my end: Dockerize everything."

@fribbledom Looking at this picture I wonder if the space around the stairs has been cleaned out, it looks like it.

Anyways, rebuild.

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