KDE just released new Slimbooks with Ryzen CPUs!

This is one sexy machine, I would actually consider getting... 😍

@fribbledom add an E to the middle and you'll also get the kids and the weird fetishists to buy it :laugheline:

@fribbledom Sadly 14" is already large and only FHD if I browsed correctly.

@fribbledom looks fairly thick. no slope at the front, i suppose being the reason, given that no specs are available.

@juliank Looks like we forgot to add the dimension in For the 15.6 model, it is 356*233*16.8mm and for the 14 model it is 320*214*16.8mm. I will try to add the information to the website later today or tomorrow.

@fribbledom This is probably just this laptop, but with different branding ;)
@naruciakk @fribbledom Hmm, seems to be cheaper if you buy the Mechrevo directly. There is also a similarly priced Lenovo Ideapad available with a 4800.
@SuperDicq @fribbledom But the fact that it's Lenovo Ideapad it's a good reason not to buy it.

@fribbledom it's not bad, but it kinda looks like a mac. So 'no no' for me. But of course it's beautiful.

@fribbledom Interesting concept. I bet these don't come with coreboot or something, right?

@fribbledom I like it. Tempted to buy one. But its missing the numpad. That makes me sad.

@fribbledom I did a spit-take at this blurb — Nothing about 1920x1080 sRGB is “ideal” for editing photos or video, or painting, or even watching movies “as if” at the cinema 😭

@fribbledom My question is: how do I acquire that fox desktop ornament?

Amazing!! I would be all over this, had I not replaced my laptop 3 mo ago.

@fribbledom Unfortunately the display is a joke. I wonder if that is intentional because KDE still can’t even remotely deal with modern displays. Though it would have been a nice incentive to finally fix that if it would have a display appropriate for 2020 rather than one for 2010.


Huh? I'm running Plasma on several 4k displays just fine. Actually better than most other desktop environments, macOS excluded.

@fribbledom Ok, please tell me how you achieved this magic, I am very curious :). Last time I tried (~ 2 month ago), all it would scale to 2x was font and 50% of the icons. All borders and margins were wrong, without exception.


Which distro & display server do you run? I literally just increased the scaling (to an uneven number of all things) and it just works.

Yes, there are still apps which calculate with pixels instead of display points, but they exist across all frameworks, toolkits & platforms. Hence why I excluded macOS which detects that situation and scales them accordingly in the display server.

I can only recommend to a file an issue for those apps. Most of KDE's base apps have been fixed by now.

@fribbledom Hm, are you sure you’re just not noticing it less because you have a scaling factor < 2x? This was on ArchLinux. GNOME 3 on the other hand has been handling it perfectly for years.


Yeah, pretty sure. I've personally been fixing KDE/Qt apps that ignored the scaling / DPI settings 😄

Since you mentioned borders & margins, did you use a particular style, maybe?

@fribbledom Nope, one of the defaults. Eg it was very obvious in the task bar and menus already that borders and margins were not scaled at all. The font pretty much touched the next item ;).


This one is really stylish - but it has no Trackpoint. ;-) of the main reasons why I usually buy Thinkpads.

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