Did you know most file managers on Linux support a ".hidden" file in your home directory?

It works pretty much as gitignore does: it hides everything that you list in this file, one file/dir per line.

You just have to remember they can easily be found by using ls -a


Yeah, don't mistake this for a security feature. It's just there for convenience when browsing your files in a GUI tool like Dolphin or Nautilus.

@I_Will_Wobble @fribbledom they aren't hidden from standard `ls`, only from GUI file manager, which limits the scope a bit.


But also, if you're using Apache with standard configuration, all .ht* files are hidden, i.e. not served (but you can use them as included files).


Still works for me. Behind a VPN they block maybe?

This… is… AWESOME. I had no idea about `.hidden`. This way I can de-clutter my $HOME polluted by a shiton of programs not caring about XDG Base Directory Specification. (

@fribbledom Yet another thing I know now that I did not know when I woke up. If I used a file manager, that could be potentially useful.
@fribbledom I knew this about hiding folders, but I didn't know you could hide files like this. Thanks for being informative!

@fribbledom I'm a hard core linux user and this is actually news to me. Though they failed to mention if it worked like dot files in the shell itself, which would be the most important for me as I dont often use graphical fiel managers.

@freemo @fribbledom It does not. I just tried it in shell and was slightly disappointed
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