So, apparently is making a comeback, and it looks likely you'll be able to export all your previously stored bookmarks:

"The site will be back online soon. If you had data stored on after 2010, you'll be able to export it here."

@fribbledom I used it for years and was really bummed out when it got bought up and screwed up in an attempt to make it profitable.

I'll probably try to export all my old bookmarks, but I'll bet more than two thirds of them have succumbed to linkrot.

@fribbledom Huh? Interesting! So far I'm making use of which works nicely as well... but I always liked the browser app, that was so fast and simple.

@fribbledom, has been working well this whole time…

@jordan31 @fribbledom It was a good old online bookmarking and sharing site from the old web 2.0 era.

@fribbledom my dell laptop hostname is dellicious... Just a fun fact :)

@fribbledom uh? Maciej Cegłowski has been running since long ago...cliccliclclic: he launched in 2009 and bought delicious in 2017. I'm a satisfied pinboard paying user since 2017 (the feature I love most: archiving of page content)

@fribbledom interesting. Thanks for the pointer. It is now run by the guy who runs since many years which was a direct successor to And he had even provided nice transitioning tools for former delicious accounts.

@fribbledom 😯That is kind of amazing, but since it fell made me realize that having your bookmarks dependant on a non #selfhosted service can lead to trouble.

Although as i had not found a one that fills my needs, I have been hopping from one service to another aimlessly

@BinaryUnit @fribbledom I am not sure if it fits your needs but I host my own instance of and I absolutely love it for quickly bookmarking and tagging things. Although I have been eyeing for a bit now. If only the two integrated!

@marty @fribbledom

I have tried Shaarli before, although it promised it didn't quite made it for me. Buku seems interesting will give it a try tanks, will check the browser integration as CLI in this case kind of defeats my point

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