Youtube is about to remove community contributions like closed captions/subtitles:

"Community contributions will be discontinued across all channels after 28 September 2020."

@fribbledom How to make a site not suitable for peeps with hearing disabilities: Case 1 - youtube.

@fribbledom Mrm, did they indeed not get used often as they claim? Seeing the small amount of videos with actual captions (not auto-translated) it doesn't seem to be very well known.

@trinsec @fribbledom Google does that a lot. Come out with a feature and then not advertise it at all and expect people to stumble into it.

@fribbledom Excuse me, what

Creating subtitles for videos is one of the most time-intensive tasks there is in video creation, which is why many content creators don't do it themselves.
Why would they disable that and not make it optional, for the creator to decide (I know, crazy idea here).

@wisp @fribbledom they've implemented a feature which allows creators to publish existing community subtitles themselves... Which sounds really fucked up and weird but makes one wonder what would be so bad about a creator approval process all the time

@fribbledom There they go again, pulling all their crazy bullshit.

@fribbledom Automatic captioning is getting significantly better every year. In this context the move makes total sense.

@lukas @fribbledom

no, it's still complete garbage when the speaker dares to deviate even a tiny bit from what google engineers have decided is the correct english pronunciation

or if they dare speak another language that's even more badly understood by their algorithm (and that will be further mangled by their awful translation robot)

I hope you don't plan to learn anything important from youtube

@lukas @fribbledom right, because who would ever want better than the bare minimum requirement for accessibility? :blobfrowningbig:

@fribbledom So, now creators have to use a third-party service for community contributions instead? Adding more work for creators and making it less likely that people will contribute :blobsad:

@quirk @fribbledom or creators will get access to Google-provided subtitles and viewers have to sign up for Premium to see those subtitles...

@fribbledom Evildea used to use Amara for community captioning. I guess it will be back on there now...

Hey, ich frage mich ob man das Argument "zuviel Spam" auf Kommentare bei YT anwenden könnte, und was das wohl für die Kommentarfunktion bedeutet...

I have Peertube up and running as I'm sick of YouTube adverts. It's not perfect but there's no reason why it can't grow organically as an alternative video community. The whole deaf community thing for YouTube I'd never realised - I'll have to read up on this.

@fribbledom There's still ways to submit subs, but yeah it's going to be a lot more difficult now. Closed captions, when they existed on videos, helped me a lot, as I'm hard of hearing.

@fribbledom Community contributions huh? Like, uh, user-uploaded videos*?


* contains equal parts sarcasm and wishful thinking

@fribbledom And just when I thought they were making progress: banning many racist channels (Stefan Molyneux, Richard Spencer, that sam harris fan account), and removing comments from kids videos.


How Google implements its' features and services:
1) Announce the thing
2) Make people use it, but never try to unbury it or realise it's still a bit niche even if it's useful
3) Wrap the thing up because it's no longer profitable and no one uses it anyway

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