I'd love to hear about your favorite YouTube / PeerTube / Twitch channel!

Why do you watch it, what's it about and what makes it unique?

@fribbledom Brooks Holt's channel features him and his girlfiend Elisha playing mini golf around the US with occasionally appearances by friends and family.


That sounds weirdly funny! 😄 I'm gonna check it out...

@fribbledom I've been watching it for 2 years. They sometimes do silly challenges when they revisit a course.

@fribbledom I watch a lot of Lindsay Ellis and Chinese Cooking Demystified.

I also watch Girlfriend Reviews and sometimes Zero Punctuation.

@fribbledom Lindsay Ellis is my hero because she's a successful humanities academic living outside the system.

She's got a book out too, Axiom's End. Supposed to be pretty good.

@fribbledom Lots to choose from, really, but Civvie 11's definitely up there. And, more recently, ThorHighHeels.

@fribbledom It's hard to pick a favourite, as the channels are about different, incomparable topics, but I can cite one that is pretty nice and very interesting: Geoff Marshall on Google's Pipe.

It is mostly about railways in London and in the UK, he is also a coauthor of the documentary YT channel called All The Stations, which is a project in which he visited all the station, first in the Great Britain and then in Ireland. Pretty fun to watch and wholesome tbh. I like Tom Scott's videos a lot. They're always very informative and entertaining. He does videos on a wide array of topics, including computer science, linguistics and historical/geographical topics and more. All of his information is also always sourced so you can look things up if you wanna read more. He just uploaded a new video earlier today about two-factor authentication (or really authentication at all), highly recommend it!


"Meister Jambo"

It's about some old german guy explaining how electronics worked waaaay back.

@fribbledom HyperRPG for #Kollok1991. YouTube or twitch. I enjoy playing pretend. They do lovely work. Hopefully the Kollok story can continue someday.

Subjective & quite inexplicable but, I'll try, this girl mostly covers songs that i like & i think her voice has a unique & a lovely character to it.🤷

@fribbledom Over on Twitch, I watch "Vampire: The Masquerade: LA By Night" when it's in season because it's one of the best TTRPG shows I've ever seen. I watched it nearly daily until I caught up. I'm now working through back episodes of Weave Society because I play Weave with my family. On YouTube, I watch a lot of Ben Eater and 8-Bit Guy for all my retrocomputing education. I also watch a ton of disc golf, especially GK Pro because they follow the women's events. I've not tried PeerTube.

@fribbledom Don't have much time to watch many, as I'm always monitoring my own, however when I do get a chance to watch something it's usually @lunduke
I watch it because I like FOSS and Linuxy stuff!

@fribbledom I’ll find the name of the channel later. It’s an English dude talking about a wide variety of blades and blunt damage weapons and historical techniques. Fascinating stuff if your into interesting ways to hit people.

@fribbledom The last one I watched was a 30 minute explainer on traditional Nepalese knives.

@fribbledom And the channel for the Krav gym I train at.

@fribbledom lookmumnocomputer is not quite my fav but definitely the most unique, he's a musician/analog hacker who builds modular synths and/or hacks other hardware to be part of the musical setup. Stuff like hooking up a choir of furbies or 48 Gameboys to synth controls, opening up and modifying old famous synths like an 808, circuitbending a speak&spell, hooking up an array of oscillators to an NES' inputs and getting them to play mario, all sorts of weird hacks basically

@jelle_dc @fribbledom

A really special guy! His Furby Organ is very... "unique". ;-)

@fribbledom big Clive.

He knows his stuff, and there is something appealing about watching someone use "unreasonable force" to open a pink electronic device that is then reverse engineered (and often has the LEDs replaced with something more flashy)

@fribbledom I watch Kirsten Dirksen's channel about experimental architecture, a lot of tiny homes and off grid living stuff but also a bunch of more aesthetic builds as well as houses that reuse existing structures such as water towers, shipping containers, greenhouses or that use uncommon materials such as cork

@fribbledom easily the “Open University” lectures by public intellectual Nick Currie (“Momus”)

He’s basically living the dream. He has enough revenue between decades of music recording royalties, book sales as an author and editor, and various live speaking engagements (including Bowie impersonations) to live a low cost, under-the-radar lifestyle.

He spent 8 years in Osaka on a tourist visa and never had any problems.

He finds a cheap apartment, reads old philosophy books for fun, and does all of his work on a single laptop. He makes a fashion statement with old womens’ clothes. He is an all-around fascinating cultural observer.

James Hoffman;

Tests coffee, and coffee gear mostly. Knowledgeable, relaxed and down to earth honest reviews.

@sexybiggetje @fribbledom nice! After my upgrade on drip coffee equipment this is just the right channel!

@fribbledom Drachinifel on YouTube. Thoroughly researched and very well narrated naval history, with dry English humor mixed in. Highly recommend his video on the Russian Second Pacific Squadron for anyone who hasn't watched his videos before.

Ohh good question. Due to convenience reason I only watch on YT.
And there at the most I enjoy currently the videos from @distrotube
And I like it because of the educational way the videos are made.

@fribbledom Nerdcubed. I love his humor, I love his accent. He is witty, childish, and I really like his style. Although I like his Yt-Videos more than his streams tbh.

I also watch Jim Sterling, mostly to get depressed about the video game industry and Ubisoft covering molesters and sexual harassers.

I also do like Techmoan, he mostly looks at old devices and gadgets, mostly hifi. I do quite enjoy his style.

@fribbledom i really like these youtube channels (all rock climbing related):
* dave macleod: a master of all, from bouldering to ice climbing. best accent, incredibly generous with his knowledge, and scotland is gorgeous.
* eric karlsson bouldering & bouldering bobat: both of these are vloggy, friends hanging out & climbing. like a soap opera minus the drama plus friendship and climbing. flavour options: swedish (ekb) and english (bobats)
* albert ok: climber & enthusiast who makes very understandable videos analysing instances of high level competition climbers doing unusual maneuvers and how they ended up working out for them. (his ‘beta break’ series)
* adam ondra: probably the world’s best overall rock climber on the planet right now.

@fribbledom retromancave. Underrated and Understatedly brilliant

@fribbledom crash course history of US, Europe world, science etc. They are great.

@fribbledom Twitch: LevelUpPixie
Because she streams story-driven games, and is unbelievably friendly, welcoming and inclusive. When I first stumbled upon a stream of hers, she immediately made me feel like I'd been a regular watcher for years.
YouTube: Oof, much harder. All of the Complexly channels, but especially Journey to the Microcosmos
Because it's super chill, and yet educational. It can make anyone into a microbiology fan.

Yisrael Dov on YouTube and @LBRYio makes great videos about emacs, and fat finger demos.

@fribbledom I think my favourite youtube channel is technology connections.
It's about all kinds of technology and I think what makes it unique is that the topic of the videos are often quite simple everyday items like toasters, sprinklers, or street lighting and it is still pretty interesting to watch how and why these work.


Veritasium - Great approachable science videos about exciting things. His one about why trees are so tall starts so simple and then blows your mind.

Ashantin - Super relaxed and welcoming video game streamer who does videos about vintage story and other games.

No Pun Included
and also Shut Up And Sit Down
- thoughtful board game reviews that are also genuinely hilarious


Orchestration Online. He does deep-dive analysis on the scores of classical music.


I like the #MadeInGermany-#Podcast:

It's a talk-format (in German), where the host, Junior Soma set out to give a plattform to all the people that are "Made in Germany" in some way or the other, and are not heared so much yet.

And it has a refreshingly high amount of non-white voices, that's what makes it most valuable for me getting educated!

@fribbledom Right now my favorite YT channel is probably Filmjoy. YT is full of film criticism channels, but Filmjoy and its “main show” for 5+ “Movies with Mikey” has always been more about finding the joy in films (hence, current name) than teardowns/hot takes. “Deep Dive” even more so in forcing a team to watch known “bad” movies and describe what amuses them about them, what good things they come out with. They’ve got a fun spin-off D&D game “Hot Quest” b/c COVID.

@fribbledom on YouTube, Wood by Wright and Wood by Wright How 2. A woodworker (almost) exclusively with hand-powered tools. He is a very friendly personality, his family is very lovable too, and they're often in the streams :) The whole channel is just so wholesome, and I've learned a ton from them!

@fribbledom another one on YouTube is The Tim Traveler, because face it, if I can't do the travelling, I can still watch someone else do it! His videos are about mostly about obscure but still interesting locations, very well-made, but also full of silly humor :D

@fribbledom Wintergatan Wednesdays. In 134 episodes and counting, Martin is building an intricate musical instrument while failing and learning about engineering, project management and self discipline.

@fribbledom I hope I'm not too late to this, but I have recently discovered Technology Connections. He makes great videos explaining technology, both new and old, common and niche.

In addition to the somewhat unique subject matter, his presentation and style of humor is very entertaining in my opinion. The way he talks about technology also inspires me and makes it seem more feasible for me to maybe make cool tech myself someday. :)

@fribbledom I occasionally poke at YouTube, but the only thing like that that I actually follow regularly is a game streaming channel on Twitch that someone I followed on Tumblr back in the day started. What I like about it is that the person seems pretty relatable and not over the top, it's well-done enough to be watchable, but not super blingy and flashy and sound-effect/popover nuts, and there are normally people in the cat but not too many so you can have actual conversations.

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