When you're about to swipe away a notification on your phone, and just as you move your finger down, a new one pops up, everything slides down... and you've just dismissed a notification you haven't read yet.

Was it an important email? Which app did it come from? You'll never know.


@fribbledom on android 10, you have a button ′manage notification′ under the list of notification … it contain a list of app who send notif order by last time spend from. you can find app name with this

@fribbledom I’ve long wanted a notification history view that I could browse even after I’ve dismissed them from the main list or lock screen. Useful for seeing which apps are overly chatty too.

@fribbledom If I'm not mistaken, Android 11 has notification history.

@fribbledom So many times, I had to reject a UI change in our product because "no one likes things changing while you are clicking" but every time, I have to start over explaining that missing is a "thing" and not everyone is 20 with good vision and snake-like reflexes.

@dmoonfire @fribbledom I really wish devs like that would get into their heads that accidental inputs are real and not the least bit rare.

One of the most common reasons why inexperienced users get frustrated is because they misclicked and can't figure out how to undo the results.

And another is when something keeps happening on the screen when they're trying to do a thing and the changes keep distracting them. So that's another reason to avoid changing things if there's no need.

@dmoonfire @fribbledom Also thank you for rejecting those changes and explaining why to people.

@Asimech @fribbledom It's a hard, constant battle since a lot of people don't think about actually *using* it day to day.

Of course, I'm also fighting the "let's fix the quality of life of people who have to use it instead of only focusing on the management who buys it". :(

@fribbledom I think there's going to be a way to fix that in the next version of Android.

Could be wrong.

@fribbledom you could use something that logs the notifications.

During my early Android days, I used Desktop Notifications by HCILab and used their history section to see what I missed.

Unfortunately, it relies on Play Services, so it was one of the things I uninstalled. Alternatives would be nice to know about.

Also unexpected dialogs that steal focus on the desktop. What did I just click OK to? It can't be known.

@fribbledom 'responsive' layouts were a mistake. It's like when websites load a little more and shift under where you were about to click. The worst

@fribbledom Welcome to the UI of this century.

"Btw, that notification you missed, doesn't matter, human. Don't worry, you will get many more today and it will replace your attention quickly, to fix your temporary low dopamine level. Hope you will have a wonderful day!"
-- Big Tech

@fribbledom this happens everywhere.

Focus stealing applications on all OSes, lazy loading websites that jump up and down when you scroll and they get rendered, dialog boxes with default focussed buttons that appear milliseconds before you hit enter when typing a text...


@fribbledom This! Wouldn't it be great to have Undo for dismissing notifications?

@fribbledom notifications are evil and 21. century slavery! :-D

@fribbledom Even on older Android, there's a way to get to the history. There's a widget called "Settings". When you add it, you can choose which setting you want to access with it, and there's one called "Notification log". Why they had to make this so difficult to access is a mystery to me.

@fribbledom The most infuriating part for me with this is how there has been a solution for years:
When interactable stuff is getting moved around there's either a moment where you can't interact with it or the "what you do" moves with a delay after "what you see".
Which is tricky to pull, but still better than a Surprise Interaction.

Or new notifications could just appear _below_ the existing ones when you're viewing them. But that would feel old-fashioned or something I guess.

@Asimech @fribbledom you can also add visual indication that the UI is about to change to give the user a heads up it’s coming.

@fribbledom this is one of the most frustrating UI interactions ever. Just as you take action, it changes underneath you. I’ve clicked on ads before, submitted things, missed notifications, had text disappear and more all because it changes right as I click, tap or swipe. Bah!

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