@fribbledom I agree with the second half of the title, but the first half... Just because you paid for something doesn't mean it's worth what you paid for it.

Also, wouldn't the axiom apply to this free article? It reminds me of the old paradox of a man who said "I'm lying".

@fribbledom huh. Interesting aspect I never thought about

@fribbledom I guess this is, at least in part, offset by the Rundfunkgebührenbeitrag in Germany

@fribbledom Very interesting indeed! "Hopefully someday our patchwork of intentionally-inefficient libraries will turn into a free storehouse of humanity’s recorded knowledge and creativity. In the meantime, however, we need to focus on getting good and thoughtful material in as many hands as possible and breaking down the barriers we can."

@fribbledom I agree, good journalism costs money to produce. I would gladly pay for an online subscription. My problem is that as soon that I log in, I expect that the site will track an analyze my reading habits and interests, and all that sensetive information about me will be out of my control.

Wie hast du deinen Browser eingestellt? Bei mir funktioniert die Webseite auch ohne JavaScript und Cookies (am PC) 🤔

Nutze ich normalerweise. Über uBlockOrigin entscheide ich mich, welche Schriftarten ich zulasse und welche nicht.

@fribbledom I wish I could be a little more optimistic about a solution to this problem

@fribbledom Thank you for sharing this article. It was very informative.

@fribbledom Gosh, I didn't know that ResearchGate is technically infringing copyright (no wonder they have so many papers available)

The last paragraphs are... a rather interesting look into how a UBI economy could work.

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