"Trump says Spanish flu probably ended second world war in 1917"

That's about as accurate and factually correct as anything he has ever said.

@fribbledom second world war in 1917? Is it a typo or really what he said?

@bunni @fribbledom I'm pretty sure "Is that a typos or really what he said?" is his campaign slogan.

@fribbledom "Spanish Flu ended the second world war"

Naaaah, we all know it's Bruce Willis who knocked Hilter's skull out with a baseball bat. Like, gosh darn it, Trump, get your facts right! Spanish Flu wasn't even enlisted in the army back then!

@fribbledom inb4 2/3 of USians won't even notice anything wrong because they don't know when WWI and WWII were.

@quad @fribbledom
listen to Sabaton more.

> 1939 and the allies turned away

@wolf480pl @fribbledom I actually listen to some Sabaton but whenever I listen to music i tend to zone out so hard my brain doesn't register any lyrics

@quad @fribbledom
tbh. I'm biased becase in Poland, we're taught at school that our nation is a martyr, being pwned by our neighbors so many times, and we celebrate all the heroes who died fighting the enemy.

So like, everyone here knows that:
1918 - end of WWI, Poland regains independence
1939 - start of WWII, Poland disappears again
1945 - end of WWII, Poland reappears as a communist state
1989 - fall of communism

@wolf480pl @fribbledom Norway probably just had little relation to the war in general. Although we were far from immune. Even in my tiny hometown of Måløy:

My interest in history is also just super low in general so I'm a biased example myself.

@wolf480pl @quad @fribbledom interesting. I thought it ended in 1919. Turns out that the peace treaty was signed several months after the war ended.

isn't it more in 1991 that the union was disbanded ? I think you're confusing with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. @quad @fribbledom

@Elijah__ @quad @fribbledom
no, I'm talking about The Round Table, which was the turning point in abolition of communism in Poland.

@Elijah__ @quad @fribbledom
and tbh. the fall of the Berlin Wall was a turning point worldwide

@fribbledom I call bullshit and say that's a deepfake.

I refuse to believe that Trump is that stupid.

@musicmatze glabue ich nicht. Der Typ ist einfach dümmer als ein Stück Toast.

Schau Dir z.B. dieses Inverview an 🤦‍♂️

@fribbledom In his defense (what a painful thing to type...), I'd definitely read the short story where the Axis loses because fascist time-travelers try to show the greatest general in history the monument to him in future Kansas, but end up making him Europe's patient-zero, instead...

@fribbledom It hurts my brain to hear him talk. That is weapons-grade centrifuge-enriched stupidity.

@fribbledom the second world war ended in november 1918 and the spanish flue started in 1918. So to say that the flu might have had something to do with the end of the war is correct.

@aage Bits of the Second World War ended in different months of 1945. I'll assume you just made a typo, though, unlike Trump who probably actually knows, or once knew, better but likely doesn't have a brain that works well enough now to express it. The normal reaction would be sympathy but it's really hard to muster much in his case.


@edavies @fribbledom the thing is we are so used to talking about the second world war that I automaticly write second in stead of first.

Not sure if you are being ironic - if not, the second didn't even start for another couple of years...

@esthi @fribbledom no as you can see I did the same misstake as Trump as I am so used to write and talk about the second world war so i wrote second in stead of the first world war.

👍 And it's ok to make mistskes - but you should be more careful if you are trying to lead a country 🤷‍♀️

Feel free to do so - as far as I can see, Biden is willing to learn, which is sadly not something one can say about Trump.
I don't think you can win with this whataboutism.

@Aage Johan S. Sundvor The Second World War didn't start until 1939 -- I think the two events can be considered not directly related.

@fribbledom I'm always amused by how people let Trump live rent-free in their heads.

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