@fribbledom awesome! Where did you find this? Are you a Haskeller?

Ok, it's about the first programming language at University. That might have different requirements.
I still like Java, even after 25 years 😁

@fribbledom I totally agree (for an academic approach at least, not for the "applied science" FH branch). I would have loved to get a beginner's course in Haskell instead of Modula... (though I'm not sure if this would have required means of time travel to get this in 1993 😊)

@fribbledom and from today's perspective - Java made some progress, too... Tho not as much as I would have liked

@fribbledom This, "It is not only the violin that shapes the violinist, we are all shaped by the tools we train ourselves to use, and in this respect programming languages have a devious influence: they shape our thinking habits.", applied to any 3GL language, including Haskell, explains a lot of the mess that is the software world.

I have a colleague who advises people learning software to initially avoid books targeting a specific programming language/environment.

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