It doesn't matter how old I am, whenever I think about my 5 years younger self, I always feel embarrassed by what a clueless fool I was back then.

This either means I'm constantly growing and learning... or that I'll forever remain a clueless fool.

Probably the latter.


People: ☝️
Also people: "People don't change"

@fribbledom Everyone is always clueless, we don't have the capacity to know everything.

@fribbledom The one does not exclude the other. But to know when being a fool is one of the most important steps in learning. And the step most people lack of (see Dunning-Kruger effect).

@fribbledom I know this feeling.

You have to be in a really good mood to read your 5+ year old messages/posts. But sometimes a flashback or travel back in time is necessary for your mind

@fribbledom You'll realise this is a foolish dichotomy in about five years.

@fribbledom this will always be my reasoning for not getting a tattoo.

@fribbledom Aye, but maybe less clueless with time 😀

@fribbledom oh! crap I don't even want to remember the past! 🐠

@fribbledom It would be weird to look back and think you were wiser five years ago. Better at something, or better off in some way, but not LESS of a fool 😀

@fribbledom When I read myself from 5 years ago, I see my growth. Some did change, fortunately, and some is the same as it was 10 years ago, 15 years ago... maybe a bit more refined.

Yeah, but on the other hand sometimes I'll read something I wrote in the past and think, Hey, that was pretty good. So I can surprise myself. Sometimes.

@fribbledom Yes, if you didn't feel less foolish every five years you wouldn't be growing and maturing.

Part of the maturation process is gradually realizing we're all foolish sometimes and it never ends. You may realize in 20 years that things you thought you finally understood today, you'd really just found a new foolish way of seeing.

The wisest thing we can probably do is realize how foolish we are, always. Then we can be a bit more compassionate to ourselves and others.

@fribbledom Why not both? I'm inclined to think both of myself... :)

@fribbledom To paraphrase H2G2: "You'll live and learn. Well, you'll live."
(Meant to be read with a generic 'you', ofc.)

@fribbledom This is a perfect example of growth and self-reflection. You have a great habit that will do you well, even if our 5-year ago self is always a bit hard to swallow.

@fribbledom imagine how a music composer feels during a celebration of their lifetime of work while their oldest compositions are performed. In their eyes, only their most recent music is decent…

@fribbledom I'd say both (atleast thatcs how I feel about myself) :p

@fribbledom Things are more like they are now than they have ever been before.

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